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We offer you two general ways of partnering to revolutionize your webspace: A project-fee bisis and an hourly basis quote. Each offers its own distinct advantages to meet your business needs.

Fixed Fee Basis Quote
This quote is suitable when your requirements are very set and clear. We begin by quoting you an initial ballpark estimate of costs. The scope of the work required, the timing and nature of deliverables, and the overall costs are all agreed upon before starting the project. Based on these estimates, we then go forward to execute your vision. This proven methodology minimizes risk and helps guarantee delivery of your project on time and within budget.

Should any change of scope arise during the course of project development, a previously arranged fixed rate is charged to the client.

Hourly Basis Quote
This quote is well suited to clients that want to play a significant role in the project development process. As the model name suggest, our pricing is determined based upon the work hours ultimately required to complete your project - you are charged according to billable hours. When the specifications of your project, the scope of the work you need completed and/or the implementation of your plan cannot be effectively encompassed during the initial phases of discussion, the hourly basis model is your best option.

Our Working Process

1. You send us an enquiry
2. We analyze requirement
3. We give you quotation
4. You agree and award us
5. We start development
6. Complete the project & sign off
1. You send us an enquiry
2. We analyze requirement
3. We give you quotation
4. You agree and award us
5. We start development
6. We update the daily progress
7. Complete the project & sign off

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  • I was very impressed with the service offered by mousewurx. Ivan completed the project in a timely manner and to a very high standard. mousewurx will be my first choice of web development team in the future.

    Lenore Mohr
    Director of Marketing & Communications
    @ United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley

  • mousewurx has been our exclusive development partner for 5 years. Together, we have created beautiful websites that function flawlessly. I trust Ivan to make sure that every detail is implemented to our specifications. He works with us to develop great solutions.

    Angela Glenn
    Chief Creative Officer
    @ The Gasp Company, LLC

  • Our work is known around the world. That means that our reputation lives or dies by the companies we bring to our clients. It is not easy living up to our name. But mousewurx makes us look good every single time. We trust them with our clients. We trust them with our good name. They never let us down.

    Harry Webber
    Founder and Chief Creative Officer
    @ Smart Communications, Inc